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Kara Rowley, Licensed Midwife in California

Phone: 530-410-7098.


Redding, California and Surrounding Area


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Phone: 530-410-7098


Commonly Asked Questions

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and have compiled some answers to quesions I am commonly asked. Please feel free though to e-mail or call me with questions.


Can I use my insurance for a home birth?

Yes, you can. Depending on your health insurance policy, some do cover Lisenced Midwives. If you are wanting to use your health insurance you will need to fill out a verification of Benefits form and pay a one time fee of $20. You can verify your insurance by following the steps below.

1.Go to Larsens BIlling Service Page at



Complete and submit the Patient Registration Form

Provider PIN: 09892

4. Choose type of Insurance from drop-down menu

5. Select PAY NOW, to pay the VOB service fee of $20

Who will I see for my prenatal care and how often are my visits? 

Your prenatal visits will be done with me or rarely by my midwife partner either in your home or at my office. Most visits last from thirty minutes to an hour. You see me once a month until you are 28 weeks, then every two weeks until your 36th week gestation, then every week until your baby is born. I arrange for you to meet the second midwife who will be assisting at your birth around 36weeks gestation. After the baby is born I call you at 24 hours and then visit you and your newborn at three days in your home, and two weeks, and six weeks either in your home or at my office.


Who can I invite for prenatal appointments?

You are welcome to bring whomever you like. I encourage couples to attend appointments together whenever possible. Children are welcome to join and participate.


What do you do at prenatal visits?

At each prenatal I educated couples on issues related to pregnancy, labor, newborn care, and parenting. Because nutrition is so vital to a healthy pregnancy I spend time at each visit emphasizing good nutrition. I listen to the baby’s heart beat, measure and feel the position of the baby, take your vitals and discuss any questions that you may have.


Do I need to see a doctor during my pregnancy?

I offer complete pregnancy care for all normal, healthy pregnancies however in California is it the law that a Licensed midwife be backed up by a doctor.


What lab work is offered?

I educate you on all lab work and procedures that are offered by discussing the pros and cons of each test.  I recommend the initial Obstetric Panel which includes a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Type and Rh factor, Rubella Titer, Syphilis Screen, Hepatitis Titer, and HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening. I can refer you for an Ultrasound if needed or desired. Additional tests are recommended if medically indicated throughout your pregnancy, and will be discussed with you.


Who will be at my birth?

You may invite whomever you want to your birth. Birth is a very personal time, so I encourage you to invite only people with whom you feel very comfortable. Children are welcome as well though it is good to prepare them before hand for what will happen and to have someone else responsible to care for them. I attend every birth with either another midwife of trained birth attendant.


What do you bring to the birth?

I bring oxygen for both the mom and baby (if needed), sterile instruments for cutting the cord and suturing (if needed), a Doppler for monitoring the baby’s heart beat, emergency items in case of a hemorrhage or resuscitation, general equipment to care for the mother and baby.


Do you do water births?

Yes, water births are wonderful. I have an inflatable pool that can be rented from me for a water birth. See the page Water Birth Benefits on my Did You Know link. 


Can I eat and drink during labor?

Yes, I encourage eating and drinking. Labor is hard work that requires a lot of energy.


What happens after the birth?

Your baby is given to you immediately following the birth for skin to skin contact and bonding. You will not be separated from your baby. We will give Dad the option of cutting the cord and being as involved as he would like. Some dads even like to "catch" the baby. We give the baby a full newborn assessment, make sure breastfeeding is established and mom’s bleeding is normal. We clean up the birth area, start the laundry and answer any questions before leaving. I generally stay for two hours or longer after the birth to make sure mom and baby are doing well.


A comprehensive assessment of the newborn’s and moms well being is done at each postpartum visit, including breast-feeding assessment, weighing, measuring, and a head to toe assessment.


How do I get in touch with my midwife after hours?

Midwives are on call 24 hours a day. If you need to speak to me on an urgent matter after hours, you may call my cell phone. If it is not an emergency, please call during normal business hours from 9:00 am to 5:30 p.m. You can email me questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I would be glad to answer any other questions or meet with you for a consultation visit.